Middle School Saxophone Academy

June 11-15, 2018

$360.00 Day campers
$540.00 Residential campers

The Middle School Saxophone Academy is designed to accommodate musicians ranging from the most talented and proficient to the less experienced, with a minimum of one year of training on the saxophone! It is open to graduates of grades 6, 7 or 8. Our outstanding Saxophone faculty lead the students in a range of exciting activities including large saxophone ensemble, chamber music and saxophone electives.

LMC’s Middle School Saxophone Academy offers a unique opportunity for young saxophonists to receive instrument-specific instruction from some of Central Texas’ best saxophone teachers and provides students with the chance to participate in sessions focussed exclusively on the saxophone!

Middle School Saxophone Academy will focus on helping campers grow as well-rounded saxophonists as they learn about different techniques, performers, styles and each camper will get to perform and connect with other saxophonists from around the area.

Instruction includes rehearsals, sectionals, master classes, supervised practice, and saxophone specific electives. Whatever the level of proficiency, all LMC campers will find new challenges and opportunities that will enhance their abilities as musicians!

The camp culminates with a required student performance.


Camp Handbooks

Please download and read the general camp handbook and the specific camp guide below:

2018 LMC General Handbook

Middle School Saxophone Academy Guide